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Moez Jebara

Professor researcher

Moez JEBARA, Professor Plant microbe interaction biotechnology; Legumes Laboratory; Centre Biotechnology Borj Cedria. Head of Legumes Laboratory; Centre Biotechnology Borj Cedria (2009-2014). 58 International publications and Scientifics nationals and international communications; 04 Patents; 08 Socio-economic agreements. Involvement in FP projects: 02 FP5: FYSAME 2001, INCO Biotechnology-AQHUARIZ, 2004. 05 FP6: PERMED, Biotechnology FOODNCO, Idealist, ERAMED, Promedaccess, 11 FP7: MIRA; Food for life; Biocircle; Idealist7FP; EMAP; ETC, FETRIC, Biocircle2, MEdSpring, ARIMNET2, ERANETMED. 03 H2020. National Coordinator FP-EU program contact point, INCO NCP & BIO NCP, H2020 National NCP European Research Council 2014 to 04-2017. National contact point FP6 and FP7 Tunisia 2007-2013. Tunisia representative in Euro Mediterranean Monitoring Committee (MOCO): 2006-2016. Coordinator of EU- Tunisia Bilateral projects ETC ( 2010-2012) Future European Tunisian Research and Innovation Cooperation (FETRIC 2013-2017). Contact point negotiation Tunisia association agreement to H2020 (2015-2016). Contact point in and Tunisia representative in Partnership for Research and Innovation in Mediterranean Area (PRIMA): 2012-2016. ORCID: Scopus Author ID: 56123594100.  H-index 2022: 22.