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Richard Jordan


We are a member of UN Globl Marketplace and have proposed holding information sessions for Chinese companies interested in the procurement process. As our name indicates, we are interested in harmony uniting the aspects of the circular economy. We also have tourism expertise, our main representative was the offially elected Rapporteur (by the EU) of the Lanzarote Conf. on Sustainable Tourism held in 1995, and he was responsible for producing the Lanzarote Declaration on Sustainable Tourism. He also is the Dean of UN NGOs for over 40 years and was one of the five original co-founding editors of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. His photo above is from his chairing the 60th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference on Climate Change in 2007. He also was one of the 4 original consultants engaged by UNEP to design the (now) UNEP FI financial services sector questionnaire, along with John Ganzi, Richard Eidlin and Scott Vaughn.