Three different courses available for free in English, French, Spanish and Arabic
28 January 2020
Logo for e-learning Life Cycle Thinking courses

The Life Cycle Initiative hosts a number e-learning modules on Life Cycle Thinking, which are availabe in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.  The courses - Introduction to LCT, LCT for business decision-making and LCT for policy making - have already been taken by more than 3000 people. 

Each course is designed to take between one and two hours to complete, is self-paced, made up of videos, quizzes and reading activities, and includes links to additional resources.  The courses are meant to change how decisions are made, taking into account the common principles of Life Cycle Thinking.   The intended audience is broad, from business owners, managers in a large or small business, a student, an industry association, a policy maker or other interested parties.  

Those who complete one of the e-learning courses receive a certificate of completion, and it is possible to pick up a course in progress if it has been started and not yet completed. 

To access all of the courses and get started, click here