This new hub collects learning resources, policy guidance, teaching materials, case studies and practical solutions for education for sustainable lifestyles.
1 April 2021
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The Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme is proud to present the Sustainable Lifestyles Education Hub: a thematic resource hub where visitors can explore how lifestyles are integral to sustainable development.


Education for Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) includes key sustainable development issues in teaching and learning. At the heart of ESD is the goal to motivate and empower learners to assess and change behaviors and take action for sustainability. Central to this is enabling learners to connect local realities to the global context - encouraging critical thinking, future scenario building and collaborative decision making. A component to ESD is Education for Sustainable Lifestyles (ESL), which pays attention to how our daily choices are linked to the health of our community, the resilience of our local ecosystems and the global challenges we face today. 

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The Aim of the Hub


The Sustainable Lifestyles Education Hub collects resources in one place with the aim of making them accessible for educators, learners and policy makers. By highlighting resources from around the globe the Hub provides opportunities for applied and active learning about real-world issues with direct relevance and impact on their daily lives.

The Hub provides visitors a chance to browse between 5 different types of resources: Learning Resources, Policy Guidance, Teaching Materials, Case studies and Practical Solutions. These resources have been developed by members and partners of the SLE Programme over the past several years.  We encourage visitors to not only to share and use these resources but to also contribute to the resource hub with material from around the globe.

Find the resources you are looking for easily by using the search filters. Choose also from different themes such as Consumption, Water, Transport and Energy to name a few. Resources are in many languages, different formats and target different educational levels.


Learning Resource in the Hub: Global Trends in Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Video


The resources in the hub encourage learners, teachers and policy makers to go beyond the standard instructional teaching. 

Instead, the materials integrate Education for Sustainable Lifestyles into the current curriculum not only by providing subject content but also by offering suggestions and showing examples of action-based, interdisciplinary, collaborative learning that assists the learner to discover and apply new solutions.

These exercises encourage investigation of the topics and knowledge by applying them to local issues faced in their community or personal life.


Case Study: NOAA Citizen Science website

The Sustainable Lifestyles Education Hub provides valuable resources that help move forward the global effort to incorporate sustainable lifestyles into education.

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A special thank you to the Sustainable Lifestyles and Education MAC members for their dedicated work in creating the Hub:

Victoria Thoresen (Centre for Collaborative Learning), Robert James Didham, Vimlendu Jha (Swechha), Bernard Combes (UNESCO), Denise Conselheiro (Akatu Institute), Mike Ward (Rhodes University South Africa), Meredith Bosco (JUCCCE) and Kenneth Ochoa (El Bosque University, Colombia). 


Photo: Jerry Wang / Unsplash

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