Green Public Procurement in the Republic of Korea: a Decade of Progress and Lessons Learned
11 December 2019
  • Sustainable Public Procurement
Report cover, squares on green/blue background - Screenshot of Green Public Procurement in the Republic of Korea - a decade of progress and lessons learned

The overall objective of the study is to present the Republic of Korea’s GPP impact measurement methodology, to compare it to others used by other public authorities internationally and to pilot a macro-economic analysis of the economic and environmental impacts of the Republic of Korea’s GPP policy in order to improve the approaches used by the government to estimate GPP impacts and benefits.

Additionally, it contributes to the ongoing work of the One Planet SPP programme by providing guidance, advice and support to governments reforming their GPP policies and measurement approaches. The study also contributes to ongoing international efforts to increase the uptake of GPP policies through the communication of their quantitative benefits.

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  • Sustainable Public Procurement
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
Case study
Circularity, Finance, Legislation, Policy, Procurement, Systems change, Value chain