Improving the human capital basis- European Construction Sector Observatory

Full report for download in English and its executive summary in French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and German.
This analytical report is part of the European Construction Sector Observatory (ECSO) and aims to provide insight into the Thematic Objective 2 “Improving the human capital basis of the construction sector” of the EU Construction 2020 Strategy. It provides an overview of the characteristics of the construction sector workforce in the EU-28, the main drivers and obstacles to the development of skills and the policy responses adopted by Member States.

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Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan for the Mediterranean (consultation paper)

SCP Action Plan for the Mediterranean (consultation paper) details the main policy milestones for the SCP approach at the global and Mediterranean level. It set the framework of action for the Mediterranean context, detailing the major environmental issues, key SCP challenges for the region and suggesting key economic sectors within which SCP actions should be prioritized to ensure greats impacts.

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