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Women as key players in greening Mediterranean food systems: drivers and challenges

  • Published on October 16, 2023

During this webinar, organized by the SFS-MED Platform and held on 5 June 2023, stakeholders from across the Mediterranean shared knowledge and concrete experiences about the role that multiple stakeholders can play in promoting the effective participation of women to greener, more sustainable and more resilient agrifood systems in the Mediterranean.

Panelists and speakers highlighted that, despite they are key players in the green transition of Mediterranean agrifood systems, women and girls still face marginalization due to structural barriers and deeply ingrained gender inequalities. The discussion was instrumental in demonstrating that equal access to education, training, and financial services are essential for overcoming the challenges posed by gender inequalities, which are deeply rooted in culture. There is a need to formalize and acknowledge the impact of informal work done by women, which is often underestimated. Furthermore, we should focus on integrating gender-sensitive planning into the main policies for the green agrifood systems transition, adequately supported by gender-sensitive budgeting to ensure implementation of strategies. Eradicating gender inequalities and promoting women’s participation and leadership in the green transition of agrifood systems requires adopting a systematic approach that encompasses various agrifood-related sectors and engages diverse stakeholders. It also requires stronger women’s agency by increasing their access to information, resources, finances, and collective action. Building multi-stakeholder coalitions can also help increasing women’s participation in decision-making processes, benefiting from their expertise, and prioritizing their needs.

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