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Webinar on Demand - Getting Started with Sustainable IT -Actions for Procurement

  • Published on January 11, 2023

Webinar on-demand to learn more about the IT sustainability challenges and best practice solutions throughout the life cycle of IT products, and how you can drive positive changes through strategic and sustainable procurement.

More sustainable production and consumption patterns are an essential step in addressing the sustainability of IT products, including:

 - E-waste

 - Fair working conditions / ethical supply chain practices

- Product design for longer life, repairability and reuse

- Safer materials

This webinar combines insughts into current sustainability hot spots connected to electronics and offers some best practice examples on more sustainable practices. 

This webinar is a cooperation between TCO Development and Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI), with huge support from sustainable and circular IT expert Michael Buchanan from Australia.

On the agenda:

  • Introduction of the existing sustainability risks and solutions connected to IT products within their life cycle.
  • Why design and manufacturing phases are critically important to make IT products more sustainable.
  • Why managing your used IT products responsibly is extremely crucial for IT sustainability and slowing down the growth of e-waste.
  • How procurement practice can help your organization reduce risk in IT procurement till the end of life.

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