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Waste Prevention Portal in Croatia

  • Published on January 24, 2022

The Waste Prevention Portal is the central online location with key information on waste prevention.

Information shared on the Portal can help visitors in planning waste prevention activities and implementation of waste prevention principles in life habits and/or work processes. Here are some examples of available information:


  •         guidelines and instructions for waste prevention,
  •         descriptions of waste prevention activities and projects in the local authority units,
  •          waste prevention examples from the European practice,
  •         waste prevention indicators and 
  •          a lot of other useful data and information.

Waste prevention is a priority in sustainable waste management system. Furthermore, waste prevention implies measures taken before substance, material or product become waste. Those measures reduce:

  •      amounts of waste including re-use or life expectancy of products,
  •       armful effects of waste on environment and human health or
  •      content of harmful substances in materials and products.

Considering limited natural resources and environmental impacts followed by increased consumption of resources, waste prevention is a significant part of circular economy. It is a generally accepted model that aims to minimize waste generation, not only waste generated in production processes, but also systematically during the whole life cycle of the product.

The goal of the system for waste prevention and information and exchange of good practice is to contribute to the achievement of the waste prevention goals. The specific objectives are development of a system for the waste prevention through the data and information exchange and exchange of good practice between competent authorities, business entities and citizens.  


More information:

The Waste Prevention Portal, maintained by Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development in the Republic of Croatia, is developed as a part of the program "Upgrading and developing the Environmental Information System and improving the monitoring and reporting system in the Republic of Croatia" within the project “The Development Plan of the Waste Prevention System and information and exchange of good practice”. It is been running since 2017 and the information are permanently upgraded and refreshed.



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