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UNEP/UNESCO YouthXchange Climate Change and Lifestyles - Vietnamese Version

  • Published on February 28, 2014
This publication is the Vietnamese adaptation and translation of the UNEP/UNESCO YouthXchange guidebook on climate change and lifestyles - the first in a series of thematic guidebooks supporting the YouthXchange Initiative. The thematic guidebooks take into account challenges, opportunities, good practices and case studies on global challenges. This guidebook explores the links between climate change and lifestyles and helps young people consider the actions they might take towards more sustainable lifestyles. Aimed at young people (15-24 year olds) and people working with young people such as educators, teachers, trainers and youth leaders in both developed and developing countries, this guidebook provides scientific, political, economic, social, ethical and cultural perspectives on climate change. It explains complex issues in accessible language supported by facts, graphics images, case studies from Vietnam, and resources. The guidebook includes the following sections: learning as change, climate change and its impacts, living the good life, food and drink, energy control, travel and transport, leisure and entertainment, shopping for stuff, money and jobs, connecting with others and taking action. The adaptation and translation has been undertaken by the Centre for Development of Community Initiative and Environment (C&E) in Vietnam, with permission from UNEP, the publisher of the original text in English. C&E takes sole responsibility for the accuracy of the adaptation and translation.

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