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Transparent Bags for Better Segregation

  • Published on September 30, 2022

The Intercontinental Paris hotel introduced a guideline to assess the effectiveness and viability of setting up sorting on-site, determining the performance standard to be met for the removal of bio-waste, addressing food loss and waste, contributing to the training of the entire hotel and restaurant sector, and communicating the sector's commitment to the circular economy.

The InterContinental Paris Le Grand launched a pilot project's goal is to identify the factors that make the collection, treatment, and sorting of bio-waste a success. To collect organic waste at the institution, transparent plastic bags are a technique for separating organic garbage from non-recyclable rubbish and throwing them in the designated bio waste containers once they are complete. The InterContinental Paris Le Grand has made it possible to collect 80 tonnes of bio-waste since September 2014, which has resulted in the production of 76,000 kg of fertiliser, 28,000 KWH of energy, and 28,000 KWH of heat.

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