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Transforming tourism through sustainable procurement - Publication

  • Published on December 23, 2020
This publication aims to introduce the strategic role that sustainable procurement can play to transform tourism by scaling up the market of sustainable products and services in the sector, enabling the reduction of GHG emissions and the shift towards a more resilient, resource efficient development. The document intends to inform dialogues on how best to incorporate circularity and sustainability in procurement practices of tourism businesses and illustrate to which extend tourism professionals have already successfully done so. It is addressed to corporate buyers and business leaders in the tourism sector as well as policy makers. It has been developed as part of the United Nations Environment Programme work on sustainable consumption and production in the tourism value chain
The publication has received great feedback from tourism stakeholders who have used it many times, they found the case studies particularly relevant. The main struggle was to find case studies who were strong enough to be featured and to obtain the data from tourism businesses on GHG emissions reduction.

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