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Transforming tourism in the pan-European region for a resilient and sustainable post-COVID world

  • Published on April 22, 2022

This report aims to describe the changes brought to the tourism sector by the pandemic, as well as opportunities, challenges and recommended measures for mainstreaming sustainable tourism. It first outlines the prepandemic environmental context of tourism and then reviews the implications of COVID19 for mainstreaming sustainability in tourism, and adequate financing responses. 

The report focuses on impacts on the environment, climate, waste and water linked to changes in tourism, and recommends 10 policy measures for the next decade to transform tourism development and build a resilient, inclusive, net zero and resource-efficient sector.

Supporting document(s)

UNEP 367 E IKI Transforming Tourism Project (6)-compressed.pdf Download
Executive Summary - UNEP.pdf Download
References - UNEP.pdf Download

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