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Towards a Common Understanding of Sustainable Food Systems: Key approaches, concepts and terms

  • Published on December 2, 2020

This publication puts into context related concepts and approaches that can be used to address the multiple food systems challenges, with the aim to facilitate a common understanding. This common understanding is expected to support a more rapid and robust transition to more sustainable food systems at local, national, regional, and global levels.

This publication provides knowledge and promotes a common understanding of key approaches, concepts, and terms related to sustainable food systems. The publication is useful for anyone working toward more sustainable consumption and production patterns in the area of food and agriculture systems. It is intended as a living document that will be reviewed as the science and knowledge around food systems evolve. The inclusion of any specific term does not imply endorsement by the individual members of the SFS Programme, nor should there be any implication that a sustainable food system must include all the concepts described here.

This publication is one of a range of four tools created by the SFS Programme, which included the Collaborative Framework for Food Systems Transformation, a set of four case studies, and an online learning course on sustainable food systems and value chains.

This publication is a product of the One Planet network’s Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Programme.

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