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Textiles – from waste to resource by 2030

  • Published on January 17, 2020
The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences’ project Resource Effectiveness and the Circular Economy has assembled more than 50 companies, organisations and public authorities around the vision of Sweden being the leading nation as a resource-effective, circular society. The purpose is to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness in a future with finite resources in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Textiles were chosen as one of five subprojects.
This report will present analysis and observations from the Textiles subproject. The project has gathered representatives from the entire value chain to participate in individual work groups. They come from the private and public sectors and from the research community. IVA’s work is based on a scientific approach and draws from relevant research, but also involves critical analysis of other issues of relevance. Source references are included where appropriate. The project results come out of an intense programme of workshops and work group meetings involving a large number of people. The report includes action plans and recommendations for private sector, public sector and politicians.

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