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TEDxSavassi 2021

  • Published on February 17, 2022

In 2021, TEDxSavassi held 03 major events: Agenda 2030, Countdown and Climate Hackathon. In all, there were more than 500 participants who attended the 03 events and more than 100 volunteers in the organization.

Organized by Natalia Tsuyama Cocolo,TEDxSavassi is licensed by TED and is part of the TEDx network. In the spirit of “ideas worth sharing”, TEDx is a program of self-organized local events that bring people together to share an amazing experience!

Agenda 2030

On October 23, 2021, the 3rd edition of TEDxSavasi took place with the theme: Agenda 2030. The event took place online, due to the situation of the pandemic that was advancing in Brazil, but it had several dynamics to make the event a unique experience and immersive. Regarding the Agenda 2030 theme, TEDxSavasi selected 10 multidisciplinary speakers, who shared ideas related to the UN's sustainable development goals and the ways to achieve them.


On December 4, 2021, the 2nd edition of the TEDxSavassi Countdown - Countdown to a zero carbon world - took place. Countdown is a global TED Talks initiative that aims to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis and to turn ideas into action. By presenting a real path to achieving net zero, the Countdown movement is designed to bring together people from all over the world to celebrate and publicize the decisions and goals related to the United Nations Climate Conference, COP26.

As part of this movement, the TEDxSavassi Countdown 2021 turned to building a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 in the race to a zero carbon world - a safer, cleaner and fairer world for all.

In addition to opening the space for debate on climate change, the TEDxSavasi team prepared an event with international speakers such as Alok Sharma - President Designate of COP26 and Bill Gates, and national speakers, such as Sofia parisotto ferrigolo - Global Community Advisor at ClimateScience and Lara Martins - Head of the Brazilian B Corp Community.

Climate Hackathon

To complete the TEDxSavassi Countdown program, a Climate Hackathon was held in partnership with the organizations Sustentabilize-se and Uniclima, approximately one month before the event, so that multidisciplinary groups of young people could propose solutions to problems listed by 05 social organizations that work in the Brazil - Greenpeace, WRI, YCL, Climate Reality Project, Engajamundo and Zero Youth Waste.

TEDxSavassi Agenda 2030

The TEDxSavassi Agenda 2030 received 03 lectures on its virtual stage that relate to SDG No. 12 - Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns. The first was Clarissa Taguchi's, who reflected on how our food choices impact the world we live in. In the lecture, Clarissa shares the challenges, lessons learned and perspectives for the future, as a farmer and entrepreneur, in the universe of unconventional food plants (PANCS).

See the talk here. 

The second talk related to ODS 12 was that of Gilberto Chagas, a collector of recyclable materials and social photographer, whose life was transformed through collection. Gilberto shares how people's lives can be transformed through activities such as recycling, in an exciting personal account, as well as reflecting on why people who work with waste are stigmatized and ignored by society, always staying on the sidelines of opportunities.

See the talk here.

Finally, TEDxSavassi Agenda 2030 featured a lecture by Eduardo Muñoz, on the decarbonization of urban centers in the preservation of the Amazon. Eduardo tells through his trajectory - which goes from the extraction of açaí along the Amazon riverside to the development of shared electric vehicles in the United States and in global markets - how forest preservation can be the solution for improving the environment in large urban centers .

See the talk here.


The TEDxSavassi Countdown featured 02 talks that relate to ODS 12, Sofia Parisotto Ferrigolo and Lara Cavalcanti Martins talks.

Sofia presents her personal journey in search of her social role and reinforces how people of any age can help minimize climate impacts with small everyday actions.

See the talk here.

Lara, tells how collective power can take us further and impact the construction of interdependence to solve the main global socio-environmental challenges

See the talk here.

Climate Hackathon

In order to develop climate solutions for non-governmental and civil society organizations, the Hackathon participants developed an innovative solution related to the sustainability agenda, given the challenge defined by the event's organization together with partner organizations.

For the opening, the event hosted actress and writer Laila Zaid who shared her story with sustainability.

Watch the opening here.

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