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TCO Certified, Generation 8. Draft criteria published and open for comment.

  • Published on April 9, 2018
Draft criteria for the next generation TCO Certified are now published and available for comment. With TCO Certified, generation 8, we want you to join us in taking the next step towards a sustainable life cycle for IT products. The draft is ambitious, and includes many new and updated criteria. The aim is to drive even further sustainability progress in phases and offer purchasers a powerful tool that can deliver verified sustainability outcomes when it comes to IT products.
TCO Certified is released in a new generation of criteria every three years. With TCO Certified, generation 8, we want to drive faster progress in priority sustainability areas connected to IT products. SDG 12 - Sustainable Production and Consumption, is an underlying principle of this generation of criteria. One key objective with TCO Certified, generation 8 is promoting greater circularity in IT products, meaning extending the usable life of products and promoting their re-use. In this way we can reduce the risk of e-waste. Criteria in TCO Certified cover environmental and supply chain responsibility during the product life cycle. Beginning September 4, 2018, the IT industry has the opportunity to apply to certify their products, in advance of the public launch on December 4. Beginning in December, IT purchasers will have the opportunity to begin purchasing the first certified product models. March - June - draft criteria open for comment September - publication of final criteria - application period open December - Launch of TCO Certified, generation 8, Brussels, Belgium. Expected impacts of TCO Certified, generation 8. - Leadership certification that IT purchasers can use to drive social / environmental sustainability - Significant step toward a sustainable life cycle for IT products - Support for SDG 12 - Circular approach to the IT product life cycle - reducing waste and extending product life - Improved responsibility in supply chains, from responsible minerals sourcing, to final assembly - Further reduction on hazardous chemicals - focus on process chemicals and plasticizers

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