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Sustainable value chains for sustainable food systems: A workshop of the FAO/UNEP Programme on Sustainable Food Systems (workshop proceedings report)

  • Published on January 18, 2017
Proceedings report of a Workshop organised by FAO together with UNEP and with the support of Switzerland on Sustainable Value Chains for Sustainable Food Systems. The workshop built upon two previous workshops towards implementation of the 10YFP Sustainable Food Systems Programme by stimulating concrete partnerships between 10YFP SFS Programme partners as well as further interested participating organizations. The workshop aims at better framing the notion of “sustainable value chain”
The workshop examined potential contributions of the organization, functioning and governance of food value chains to the sustainability of food systems, with a particular attention to environmental issues, including resource use efficiency and biodiversity, economic and social issues, including gender. It considered resource use efficiency (energy, water, etc.), including potential uses of coproducts and by products, reduction of losses, etc., along food chains. It also considered how the very organization of food value chains can improve sustainability as well as employment and income generation opportunities in rural areas, particularly for women. It considered the technologies and tools as well as the institutional and organizational settings, including legal instruments such as contracts that can improve environmental, economic and social impacts. Collaboration between various stakeholders and communication is key. Through shared learning and support, improvement in the social, economic and environmental dimensions can be achieved. The presentations and discussions also highlighted that change takes time and that policies, institutions and governance need to provide for this dimension.

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