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Sustainable Procurement of Electronics: A Progressive Approach to Chemicals of Concern

  • Published on October 25, 2022

The guidance outlines the strategic role sustainable procurement can play in tracking and managing chemicals of concern during the entire lifecycle of electronic and electrical equipment. It is primarily addressed to public procurers as well as policymakers who are responsible for ensuring that chemicals management policies are better embedded into sustainable procurement practices. 


This guidance presents how sustainable procurement can be leveraged to better track and manage chemicals of concern along the lifecycle of electronic and electrical equipment. Public procurers and policymakers can find useful background information on chemicals of concern and their environmental, human health and social impacts along the lifecycle of electronic and electrical equipment. They will also find an overview of existing regulations and standards.

The guidance explains how to successfully manage chemicals in products through sustainable procurement practices and how to do it in a progressive way. Three levels of action are recommended depending on the starting point and level of ambition set by the organisation. There is a clear pathway from initial compliance with existing regulations towards the adoption of an integrated chemical management strategy. The objective is to encourage the electronics industry to progressively shift towards more sustainable products with lower dependency on chemical of concern.


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