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Sustainable Development Goals Elective Course

  • Published on December 18, 2019
To educate students of the university about the SDGs and sustainability topics, so that they can implement what they learn throughout their bachelor degrees and are aware of the importance of this international agenda.
The first semester of 2019 was the launching of the course. It had 11 students from different programs such as Mathematics, Business Administration, Biology, Law and Environmental Engineering. The feedback was very positive as every class was about a different SDG, so the students had the chance to learn about different topics that they normally don't study as part of their degree. The biggest challenge of the course was about making the class interesting as the SDGs Agenda may turn very academic. The teachers found a strategy of making the class more ludic and interactive as a fun way to learn about sustainability. The final deliverable was that the students had to show how they can apply the SDGs to their careers.

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