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Sustainable Destination Management & Promotion for Myanmar

  • Published on October 15, 2019
NATH, Inc. have created a Page/ Blog to practice sustainable destination promotion for Myanmar it's called " Destino Myanmar". To create awareness for visitors from other countries to visit Myanmar as a new destination. Our objective is to share and discuss how to travel in Myanmar only. This help Myanmar to receive more inbound international tourist . It boost opportunities to local businesses to grow and practice better standard for the future. Best part of this project , the services which we provide is free of charges to the public. Hence more people communicate and send their inquires, rather than going to a travel agencies or tour operators.
Our objective is to promote sustainable tourism destination in Myanmar. We share and promote Myanmar as a new destination for visitors since not many people know about Myanmar, what it can offer to the world. Myanmar can offer a lot of beautiful sunny beaches, but people are not aware of beaches in Myanmar. Visitors will be surprise to find out public transportation in Yangon city e.g Shuttle bus service from airport to downtown is the lowest fare on the planet with Myanmar kyat (500) =0.32 USD cent Young dynamic travelers are always looking out for new destination to explore and compare the living standard and cost. If they find the destination comfortable they will spread and recommend friends and relatives. In order for visitors to gain more information we have developed online plate form in social media to spread the awareness of local culture, values and language. Language is the main barrier for locals to deal with foreigners, since English language is not use in the local education system. It is hard for local to communicate to foreigners. Hence help tourist and local services provider to communicate through our blogging page This will make the circular economy more sustainable in Myanmar and increase more jobs creations and income . We comment on places to visit and how to access info. Social media is the fastest way to spread the good news and attract attention. We have seen and a lot of interested visitors from various countries have come in from different places to visit Myanmar since then. Now we have create public blog so that they can get information fastest and share their comments. We want more and more people from various countries to join our blog and visit Myanmar. We are expecting younger generation who enjoy adventures to join us for more information and planned their trip to Myanmar. It will eventually help the local economy for long run and sustainable growth to Myanmar.

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