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Surplus Meal Sharing Schemes

  • Published on October 3, 2022

By redistributing excess food via Olio from more than 1,000 Iceland and The Food Warehouse shops over the next nine months, the programme will prevent food from going to waste. People may download the app and search for food products that are about to expire for nothing, thanks to Olio's 50,000 "Food Waste Hero" volunteers.

Olio, which was introduced in the UK in 2016, aims to address the issue of food waste by utilizing the sharing economy and interacting with the neighbourhood. Through Olio, thousands of individuals frequently donate food and other home products for free to their neighbours. When the food is delivered back to their homes, it is instantly posted to the Olio app so that households and neighbourhood organisations may access it and re-distribute it. Pickup is scheduled from a predetermined, contact-free collecting place via private chat inside the app. Last year, working in partnerships with food businesses, Olio redistributed 26 million meals while FareShare rescued 130 million. Together in the next 12 months, they hope to boost the number of redistributed meals massively to 200 million.

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