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SPP Tender Implementation and Impact Monitoring in Suwon, Republic of Korea

  • Published on November 5, 2018
This case study shows how Suwon undertook successful SPP Tender Implementation and Impact Monitoring. Selected as a city for the “SPP Tender Implementation and Impact Monitoring” that is currently being carried out in Asia under the One Planet Network, Suwon kicked off the project in March 2017 and set the target for increasing the ratio of the annual Green Public Procurement (GPP) to over 40% and that of Recycled Asphalt Con¬crete (RAC) to more than 20%.
Find out how Suwon engaged in a variety of activities such as training of public servants, workshops and distribution of the guideline on the green public procurement. In particular, the city put in place a cooperative procurement system to promote the green public procurement. As a result, Suwon achieved its target ratios of green public procurement and recycled asphalt concrete purchased. On top of that, it reaped environmental and economic benefits worth more than 800 million KRW by using 33,627 tons of recycled asphalt concrete from January 2017 to June 2018.

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