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SPP Index Methodology: SDG indicator 12.7.1

  • Published on April 24, 2020
UN Environment has developed a methodology for the measurement of SDG Target Indicator 12.7.1, which promotes "public procurement practices that are sustainable, in accordance with national policies and priorities”. The indicator should assess whether countries (i) have developed SPP policies and actions plans and (ii) are implementing them. The 12.7.1 methodology is aimed at national governments, guiding policy makers and practitioners.
The methodology developed by UNEP and its partners proposes an index measuring the level of implementation of sustainable public procurement (SPP) in a single country. It covers 8 sub-themes assessing (i) the existence of SPP policies and/or SPP legislation, (ii) the efforts and means dedicated by countries towards the implementation of SPP policies (process indicators),(iii) the outputs developed through these policies (outputs indicators) and (iv) the results achieved by these policies (outcome indicators). The methodology applies a progressive approach in order to allow countries to consider certain options such as the inclusion of the sub-national level in the calculation. The methodology can be used by countries who are not yet able to measure outcome indicators even if they have already designed and have started implementation of SPP policies. National and sub-national capacities will have to be strengthened in order to ensure the collection of data in a consistent, comparable way. The methodology includes a process of data provision by countries and data validation by a specific group of independent experts associated to the One Planet SPP Programme. For any query on the methodology or if you would like to take part in the capacity building work on 12.7.1 reporting, please feel free to contact Farid Yaker (

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