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SPP, Ecolabels and Sustainability Standards - SPP&CI-SCP Working Group 4b Meeting Report

  • Published on August 30, 2017
Working Group 4b was established as a space for knowledge sharing and interaction between public procurers on the one hand, and private standard or ecolabel organisations and users on the other hand. This document provides a summary of this year’s annual meeting. In addition to this summary, the full presentations from the annual meeting are available on the SCP Clearinghouse.
This summary document provides • A short background on this year’s annual meeting • An overview of ‘good practice examples’ discussed at the meeting, including presentations from; - European Commission DG Environment - The EU Ecolabel and SPP framework - German Development Agency (GIZ) and Engagement Global – The German Sustainability Compass for Public Procurers - Pussh Switzerland - Tools and Experiences from supporting SPP implementation in Switzerland - City of Zurich – Zurich’s achievements and commitments to implement SPP - Green Electronics Council – Bringing responsible procurement and end-of-life management of electronics to India - Good Environmental Choice Australia – New strategies and tools for the use of ecolabels • Concluding observations and a ‘look forward’ on challenges and opportunities

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