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Serving Better

  • Published on March 24, 2022

The science is clear: the global food system is a key driver of climate change, deforestation and catastrophic declines in biodiversity. Emissions from the food system are so large that they could, on their own, tip us over the Paris Agreement warming thresholds of 1.5° and 2°C, putting us on the path of dangerous climate change. We can’t tackle the climate, nature and public health crises without addressing food. With the challenges we face, every meal counts. The Serving Better films details how simple changes can have a big impact.


The aim of the video is to raise attention on the central role that food systems play in climate and nature emergencies, asking to local authorities to put food at the core of their strategies. It is all about putting in school meals more vegetables, more pulses and less and better meat, providing cooking skills to canteen staff, creating an affordable menu sourced from high-quality producers without increasing costs.

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