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Report on "Aligning public procurement rules and practices to support the implementation of home-grown school feeding initiatives: The case of Senegal"

  • Published on October 29, 2020
This report aims to inform about the alignment of public procurement rules and practices to support the implementation of government-led home-grown school feeding (HGSF) initiatives in Senegal. HGSF can be understood as a school feeding model that is designed to provide children in schools with safe, varied and nutritious food which is sourced locally from smallholders. The report builds on the experiences of various countries and is based on a recognition that building a linkage between school feeding programmes and local and smallholder agricultural production requires adjustments and reforms at the institutional, policy and regulatory levels. These include the alignment of public procurement laws, regulations and related practices. The report is part of the GCP/GLO/775/IT project on 'Policy Support for Public Food Procurement for Government-led Home-Grown School Food Initiatives,' which includes a similar study developed on Ethiopia. provides specific recommendations for the alignment of public procurement rules and practices with the implementation of HGSF initiatives in Senegal.
The report has received very positive feedback from the government, and in particular from Ministry of Education and Public Procurement Regulatory Agency (ARMP). The report constituted the bases for the development of a collaboration with ARMP to, among others: i) Identify the various opportunity (instruments) offered by the current public procurement code (PPC) to facilitate the access of producer's organizations (PO) to public markets; (ii) develop a simplified practical guide adapted to the context of school feeding and local agricultural production, integrating all the instruments available in the CMP to connect POs to public food markets; (iii) provide training to build capacities and sensitize contracting authorities and local suppliers.

Supporting document(s)

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