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Re-thinking Buildings Toolkit

  • Published on June 27, 2022
It is a joint programme from UN-Habitat, UNEP and UNOPS that firstly assess the current state of buildings and construction sector, include an integrated set of tools (three core modules) and country implementation following national roadmaps. The core modules are: Re-think Advocacy and Maintreaming Guideline; Re-think country and construction assessment C-CAT; and Re-think housing VAM
Compendium of tools for assessing the buildings and construction sector 

It defines a country roadmap for sustainable buildings and construction as: 

It involves a quantitative and localized contextual analysis ● An enabling environment assessment to pinpoint challenges and needs to help identify roadmap actions that are realistic, efficient, and soundly prioritized

The Housing VAM is a sustainable housing tool, following a circular value-chain approach. It analyses a housing programme from the design stages. • Identifies the gaps for improvement • Provides inputs and recommendation on how to strengthen those gaps. It promotes sustainable housing, promotes resource efficiency and circularity, reduces emissions and ensures compliance with regulations.

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