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Rainwater and grey water recycling

  • Published on October 1, 2022

In publication, "Best Environmental Management Practice in Tourism Sector  - 5.7 Rainwater and grey water recycling", is the primary reference document for the effective management of wastewater re-use systems in the tourism industry. In these practices, wastewater means any domestic and industrial effluent that has been treated to an appropriate standard to enable it to be safely re-used under the management arrangements proposed.

A lot of initiatives are already being successfully adopted by businesses in the tourist sector, which has a significant potential to lessen its environmental consequences. The best practises used by industry leaders in water recycling that are directly within their control or have a significant impact are described in this publication. They discuss trash output, water and energy use in kitchens of restaurants and hotels, as well as management of campsites. Additionally, the publication includes environmental performance criteria and indicators for each industry. These may be used by all the players in the tourist industry to track their environmental performance and compare it to that of industry leaders in each individual field.

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