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Publication "Towards a Common Understanding of Sustainable Food Systems" (SFS Glossary)

  • Published on January 26, 2021
The challenges involved with building truly sustainable food systems are multidimensional and interrelated, and thus require a holistic approach: examining food systems as a whole rather than in separate pieces, valuing outcomes over processes, and embracing a variety of voices instead of individual perspectives. This publication explains what a sustainable food systems approach is, and explores implementation strategies for transformational change to more sustainable food systems. To that end, the objective of the publication is to promote a common understanding of related key approaches, concepts, and terms among a broad range of stakeholders, globally. Taking a sustainable food systems approach when developing and implementing food and agriculture interventions is potentially transformative for any country or city. It will enable stakeholders to work within the complexity of food systems, and support more efficient use of natural resources, while simultaneously improving societal outcomes (such as human health and livelihoods). This publication is an output of the One Planet network's Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Programme, and a component of the broader "SFS Toolbox", which also includes a Collaborative Framework for Food Systems Transformation, a set of case studies, and an online learning course. It contributes to the SFS Programme's goal of accelerating the shift toward sustainable food systems.
It was a long, multi-stakleholder process, with consultations at many levels (experts, MAC, open online consultation). This inclusive process was not always easy, however in the end it succeeded in fostering a common understanding of what sustainable food systems are, and what it takes to achieve them. The publication has been well received and is being shared widely my network partners.

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