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Public procurement and transformative solutions: A migration strategy for India’s procurement in the 21st century

  • Published on January 18, 2015
This report is an outcome of thought leadership collaboration between stakeholders in India and Sweden that seeks to spur momentum to ensure innovative and global sustainable development through the mainstreaming of transformative solutions. The collaboration is based on two national public procurement projects, one in India and one in Sweden. The objective is to explore ways that allow public procurement to deliver economic development, innovation, poverty reduction and global environmental sustainability by supporting transformative solutions. As the key outcome of the work, a migration strategy has been developed that will enable, and support, a shift from current procurement to a procurement that supports transformative solutions. This strategy will help move focus from only incremental improvements (that are not enough and sometimes even destructive) to 21st century solutions that are truly sustainable from a global perspective. Such a strategy will also encourage increased transparency and cost efficiency in the procurement process.

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