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Public food procurement and service policies for a healthy diet

  • Published on March 28, 2022

This action framework provides an overview of how to develop (or strengthen), implement, assess compliance with, and evaluate, the effectiveness of a healthy public food procurement and service policy. It is intended for use by government policy makers or programme managers working on public food procurement or service, at either a national or a subnational level, including at regional, provincial and city levels. Governments may tailor this action framework to develop a feasible policy scope that meets their needs and local context.

The document provides examples from countries that have developed and implemented healthy public food procurement and service policies. It proposes key policy steps, divided into four sections.

• Section 1: Policy preparation outlines key steps to take when preparing to develop or revise a healthy public food procurement and service policy.

• Section 2: Policy development describes key steps of the policy development process, particularly the process of defining the purpose, scope, and nutrition and other criteria to be included in the policy.

• Section 3: Policy implementation reviews key steps to support and ensure full policy implementation, highlighting that a clearly defined implementation strategy is critical to success of the policy.

• Section 4: Monitoring, enforcement and evaluation guides the process of monitoring and enforcing the policy, as well as conducting a policy evaluation to determine whether the policy is being effectively implemented.

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