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Procurement Guidelines: State Public Procurement Agency Republic of Moldova

  • Published on February 7, 2020
An important factor in any sustainable acquisition is to reduce the negative impact upon environment of the product/service during their life-cycle. This guide aims to provide an analysis of the national framework, procedures of public acquisitions and best practices regarding to the possibility for public institutions to consider environmental aspects in public acquisitions and to deliver the results related to sustainable development to protect the environment.
Public green acquisitions refer to a cautious strategy concerning the acquisitions made by public authorities related to: products and services with high performance in terms of environmental protection and consideration of the impact of public sector acquisitions on environment. By directing this buying power to green products and services acquisitions, we can reach huge direct environmental benefits; influence the market exposure towards green products and services; set an example for consumers. The system of public acquisitions in the Republic of Moldova is based largely on European good practices in the context of harmonization of national legislation with the EU acquis. In the acquisition process, an important activity is the assessment of real needs and their transformation into necessities of goods, works, services with environmental components. The contracting authority shall establish based on the assignment documentation the rules on participation, requirements that must be met by economic operators, the conditions of the bid, the formalities for submission, the term of contract. In this way, it assumes responsibility regarding the development of assignment process, results and fulfilling the established objectives.

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