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Practical Guide to Environmental Claims for Traders and Consumers

  • Published on August 20, 2021
The first version of this guide, published in November 2010, defined the conditions of use for seven environmental claims. Fifteen of the commonest claims are now explained in this second edition of the practical guide to environmental claims, an essential handbook for responsible consumption.
Producing and consuming in an environmentally friendly manner is a strategic challenge for France. As consumers, businesses, voluntary organisations and public authorities, we are all affected by this necessary metamorphosis of our economy. Whether through day-to-day consumer choices or through our business strategies, we all have a role to play in this change.
However, the process has led to a proliferation of product claims (sustainable, responsible, organic, natural, biodegradable, etc.) which are sometimes hard to grasp. What do they really mean? And what do they cover?
These are the questions addressed in this guide, which arose out of common determination to rebuild trust between consumers and businesses in the ‘green’ market. After close consultation with consumer organisations and trade associations, France’s National Consumer Council has produced this explanation of environmental claims with the aim of providing consumers with clearer, more truthful information. 

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