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Practical guide on biodiversity for SMEs in the agri-foodsector

  • Published on September 12, 2022

This document was prepared by the European Business @ Biodiversity Platform (EU B@B Platform). It is the first draft of a practical guide on biodiversity for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the agri-food sector. The guide came into being due to growing demand from various stakeholders. The scope and the format of the guide build on the findings of a survey of European SMEs in 2020, a session dedicated to SMEs during the 2020 edition of the European Business and Nature Summit and a workshop hosted during the WeValueNature 10-day business challenge in March 2021. The guide was also discussed during the first workshop with the SME Working Group established by the EU B@B Platform.1 Based on the input of the working group, an initial structure for the practical guide was drafted and agreed upon. This first draft of the guide build on input received from the working group, recent literature and publications, as well as existing tools and resources. 

The practical guide is applicable to SMEs from the agri-food sector targeting all actors along the value chain, from farmers to retailers, independently from the country they operate in. Specific actions are proposed for farmers and all types of food and drinks companies depending on their focus and position in the value chain. The guide consists of 4 modules that can be read in consecutive order or separately based on your level of experience and interest. Business in other sectors can use the guide as inspiration for action towards integrating biodiversity into business activities.  The practical guide is also meant for intermediaries, including financial institutions and network organisations, engaging with SMEs, that can use this practical guide to trigger actions with their members/clients.

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