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Policy for sustainable development and food - The City of Malmö

  • Published on May 19, 2022

In the City of Malmö food is always important. Food is one of the joys of life and concerns us all, and is important from a number of different aspects. It is a necessity, in the right amount and combination, for us to feel healthy and do well in nursery, school and work. Food is also important for our quality of life and wellbeing in health and social care. Eating together fulfils a strong educational, social and cultural function. Moreover, the production and consumption of food has an impact on the climate, on the environment in farming areas, and on the working conditions and health of those producing food. Through conscious choice we can influence these aspects in a positive direction.

The policy shall

• Contribute to a sustainable Malmö with healthy citizens

• Strengthen the importance of food in the City of

Malmö’s own operations to increase the attractiveness

of food.

• Work towards 100% sustainable purchasing in the City

of Malmö.

• Ensure that the City of Malmö leads from the front and

only serves sustainable and safe food when serving

food at official functions and representation.

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