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Policy on local food procurement

  • Published on April 11, 2022

This policy enables WFP to boost its local and pro-smallholder procurement by complementing the cost-efficiency considerations that guide its procurement decisions with additional principles and parameters, including programme objectives and analysis of local value chains. This will allow WFP to increasingly integrate procurement and elements of its programmes, including nutrition, resilience and smallholder income and livelihoods activities and the promotion of gender equality. Implementation of the policy entails the development of additional tools that support WFP’s food procurement, along with essential investments in innovative approaches to maximize the contribution that WFP can make to implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through increased local procurement.

Aligned with the WFP Strategic Plan (2017–2021) and various corporate initiatives developed in accordance with global commitments to ending hunger, the policy will guide and facilitate the improvement of local procurement by:

➢ clarifying the contexts, definitions, concepts and frameworks related to local procurement;

➢ defining the value proposition of WFP’s local food procurement (including pro-smallholder procurement) and strengthening of local value chains;

➢ providing guidance on the principles and parameters that inform the selection of the best food procurement approach and its adaptation to specific contexts in order to achieve intended outcomes; and

➢ establishing a framework that enables actions and investments in the medium and long term to foster sustainable results.

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