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Policy Handbook for Sustainable Consumption and Production of Korea

  • Published on January 18, 2015
The Policy Handbook for Sustainable Consumption and Production of Korea is comprised of two sections. The first section is Policy Handbook, which is divided into three parts, namely Consumer Information; Sustainable Consumption and Lifestyle; and Sustainable Business. Each part contains various policy instruments with detailed and practical guide elaborating basic concept, policy goals, legal basis, major milestones, working mechanism, implementing procedure, strength, challenges, major outcomes and future plans for improvement of the policy. At the end of each policy section, information documents and online website are listed for further reference for readers. Part 1 incorporates Korea Eco-labeling, Carbon Footprint Labeling, Green Building Certification, and Green Store Certification, which aim to provide information on environmental performances and/or eco-friendliness of products, building and retail store so that consumers can make an informed decision. Part 2 encompasses policy instruments and activities, including Green Public Procurement, Green Credit Card, and ECO-EXPO KOREA, designed to stimulate and incentivize sustainable consumption and lifestyle. Part 3 includes policy instruments and incentives such as Eco-Business Award, GREEN-UP, and Eco-Design Program that promote sustainable business practices. The second section, included in the extended version of the Policy Handbook, provides laws, regulations, and guidelines that underpin the respective policies described in the Policy Handbook as follows: Sustainable Consumption and Production in General Act and Enforcement Decree on Promotion of Purchase of Green Products Korea Eco-labeling Operational Rule of the Korea Eco-labeling Carbon Footprint Labeling Guideline for Carbon Footprint of Products; Regulation on the Operational Procedure of Carbon Footprint Labeling Green Building Certification Act on Support for the Establishment of Green Buildings; Regulation on Green Building Certification Green Credit Card Guideline for the Operation of the Green Credit Card System Green Store Certification Regulation on Operational Process for Green Store Certification

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