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Policy brief: integrating biodiversity into sustainable production and consumption activities – the way forward for policy makers

  • Published on February 4, 2022

How can policy-makers integrate biodiversity into their sustainable production and consumption agendas? This policy brief recommends essential measures and policy instruments.

Biodiversity loss and the degradation of ecosystem services are among the greatest systemic risks for the global economy and the health of people and the planet. Policy makers must assume the leading role in tackling this issue. They are called upon to integrate the protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystem services into all policy agendas and strategies at all levels of government. This policy brief provides a set of recommendations and concrete entry points for action, for example to build momentum for addressing biodiversity issues in the international policy arena, to improve transparency and circularity in value chains, and to promote sufficiency-oriented behaviours. It also provides examples of specific policy instruments and tools for the practical implementation of these recommendations at national and regional levels.

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