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Playing for the Future - Sustainable Development Games

  • Published on July 7, 2020
This toolkit is focussed on engaging learners in active and creative exploration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The activities in this toolkit promote creative thinking, deliberative and communicative skills, scenario thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as enhancing the learners’ motivation, engagement and ability to approach the topic from different approaches (Singer, Golinkoff, and Hirsh-Pasek, 2006).
Four main learning objectives are addressed by the toolkit towards an overall increase in competencies for sustainable development (Wiek, Withycombe, and Redman, 2011; Rieckman, 2018). ● Playful learning and creative investigation: To engage learners together in imaginative and creative exploration of sustainable development (and the SDGs) through playful learning activities in order to create deeper associations and new relationships with the material. ● Exploring interlinkages and systems thinking: To enhance holistic forms of analysis and interpretation through encouraging whole systems perspectives in order to develop abilities to work with intervention points and levers of change and to work towards positive synergies. ● Linking personal actions to SDGs: To explore the relationships between personal act

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