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The plastics Landscape: Regulations, Policies and Influencers

  • Published on August 20, 2021

While this report does not aim to analyse policies affecting plastics, investors can use the data to ascertain which regulations their portfolio companies may be exposed to in specific jurisdictions. The report should also be read in conjunction with the PRI’s interactive tool on the global plastics supply chain. In addition, investors can use the data to identify countries that do not have related polices and regulations, indicating future areas of potential regulatory risk.

Plastic in the news has become a common occurrence, as global awareness about the material’s polluting impact on the environment continues to intensify. Several influencers are impacting how plastic is regulated, managed and used throughout the plastic value chain, including:

  • Consumer and NGO pressure on:

    • retailers, and designers and manufacturers of


    • regulators for controls on certain plastics and products

  • Political pressure and regulation at different stages of the plastic value chain

  • Businesses engaging their supply chains

  • Investors demanding evidence of policies and strategies to minimise risk and impacts associated with plastic (and solutions to those)

    High-profile initiatives such as Sky Ocean Rescue1 and
    the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy initiative,
    2 as well as media coverage of programmes such
    as Blue Planet,
    3 have also brought the issue front and centre. They have also led research on the impacts of plastic pollution. In addition, collaborative initiatives between countries, regions, businesses and experts in the field
    have led to the implementation of regulations and policy frameworks, as well as voluntary action to tackle the plastic crisis 
    (see Appendix).


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