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The Peruvian agenda for the consolidation of open government: for transparency and citizen participation in the country

  • Published on September 11, 2022

The objective of this document is to provide a conceptual framework for open government and the importance of its progress over recent years. In addition, it serves as a guiding document so that civil society can acknowledge the importance of this governance model. 

The document highlights Peruvian's government experience in building an open government, reviewing the key concepts, its implementation and the importance of the Multi-stakeholder Forum (Foro Multiactor de Gobierno Abierto). It also provides an overview of the context in which an open government model is developed in Peru.

In addition, the progress made on the subject will be reviewed through open government action plans (Planes de Acción de Gobierno Abierto), taking into account the lessons learned and the next steps to take in order to ensure its sustainability. To conclude, the document points out commitments to be made by the public sector as well as civil society in order to maintain the long-term sustainability of open government in our country.

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