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Online Course -Sustainable IT for Beginners

  • Published on January 11, 2023

A 5 part online course on sustainability, IT and actions your organization can take to bring about more sustainable production and consumption. 

What the course covers:

An overview of sustainability risks and topics in IT

Sustainable IT procurement

Avoiding greenwash and bluewash 

An overview of TCO Certified - sustainability certification for IT products

A step by step plan for sustainable IT procurement


With around 80% of lifetime emissions embedded in the supply chain, bringing about a more sustainable production and consumption pattern in IT products is essential to reducing negative impacts in the sector. However, E-waste contionues to amass around the world at the rate of at least 50 million metric tonnes per year. 

Every organization, and even consumers, must begin to take action in the effort to reduce the negative sustainability impacts of an increasing use of technology. 

Key action areas include:

 - Reducing waste  - planning for a second life for electronics

-  Making more informed product choices - choosing products that are designed for longer use, repair and reuse. 

- Using existing products longer

- Considering remanufactured and refurbished computers and other devices in a purchasing decision. 

The course Sustainable IT for Beginners provides consumers and institutional IT buyers the essential knowledge and tactics to plan, procure and manage IT in a more sustainable way.

Content in the series:

Chapter 1
Sustainability risks connected to IT products — an overview

IT products come with a large number of sustainability risks. The majority happen in the supply chain and are hidden from the purchaser’s view.

Chapter 2
Strategic IT procurement helps you drive sustainable progress

IT procurement can help your organization meet sustainability goals, lower environmental and social risk, and send a clear market signal to the IT industry.

Chapter 3
Avoiding greenwash and bluewash in IT management and reporting

Greenwashing and bluewashing are real risks for professional purchasers. Asking for independent proof is essential for avoiding false claims.

Chapter 4
TCO Certified — so much more than an ecolabel

TCO Certified helps you select IT products with lower environmental and social impact. Compliance with all criteria is independently verified.

Chapter 5
How to use TCO Certified in procurement

It’s time to get started! These five steps help you plan your work with sustainable procurement. TCO Certified saves you time and resources.

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