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Nudging Electric Vehicle Use

  • Published on September 30, 2022

One of the most polluting factors in the tourist sector is travelling transportation. The Maya Boutique Hotel established an initiative with a distinctive ecological idea that combines elegance, innovation, and sustainability in transportation.

The Maya Boutique Hotel established The Green Mobility Project to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from sustainable transportation, a coordinated effort to reevaluate visitor movement in one regional location. Furthermore, increasing tourist engagement by promoting the "Pay What You Want" principle can significantly encourage a guest to participate in the service actively. Thus, the sense of privilege and guests' happiness positive advance through the monetary gift is seen as a thank you for a valuable service rather than a cost. The area generates its hydroelectric power, powers the charging stations by public transiting and provides on-site, environmentally-friendly mobility and a circular economy. For sustainable hospitality, it is essential to conserve clean air, silence, vegetation, and animals.

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