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Nordic Youth As Sustainable Changemakers: In the transition to sustainable consumption and production

  • Published on January 16, 2020
This analysis focuses on young people aged 13-30 in the Nordic countries, and how they relate to Sustainable Consumption and Production (SDG12). The analysis has examined young people’s concerns, motivation, inspiration, actions, approaches, recommendations and demands in relation to sustainable consumption and living.
The analysis has also considered specific themes relating to sustainable consumption and lifestyles with a focus on food, electronics, waste, plastic, fashion, travel, and transportation. This analysis provides insights that can inspire politicians and decision-makers, businesses, and citizens to take action for a sustainable society. By showing how young people in general, and the young sustainable changemakers in particular, relate to, understand, and act on sustainable consumption, the analysis indicates the need for concrete actions for a sustainable society on both individual and systemic levels. The analysis is based on extensive quantitative and qualitative research and data collected in April-May 2019.

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