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Nordic Best Practices (Relevant to 10YFP on Sustainable Lifestyles and Education and Sustainable Public Procurement)

  • Published on January 17, 2017
This report presents nineteen initiatives that cover two particular themes: 1) Sustainable Lifestyles and Education and 2) Sustainable Public Procurement. The cases were identified together with the Nordic Council of Ministers working group on SCP.
The chosen initiatives were selected from a wide variety of Nordic cases. The target was that the cases facilitate the spreading of knowledge on effective, successful and sustainable means of advancing SCP. The cases are presented in a manner designed to facilitate a comparison of strengths, key results, novelty and lessons learned of each particular case. They have been compiled and presented in a comparative and comprehensive manner in order to facilitate uptake and replication of best practices. The case descriptions are based on material made available to the consultant, including documents shared by the case representatives as well as information gathered through structured case interviews. Validation of the completeness and/or accuracy of data provided has not been part of the assignment.

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