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Non-price Criteria for Public Procurement

  • Published on January 15, 2020
Project, funded by the GIZ and jointly implemented by NGO GoLOCAL, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, SE “Prozorro”, and NGO “Zhyva Planeta”. The project aims at developing and launching a convenient electronic constructor to simplify the use of the non-price criteria by Ukrainian public procurement officers and other stakeholders interested in applying the sustainable methodology in Public Procurement.
The project objectives: - Make public authorities realize that they are the major consumers and convince them to use their purchasing power to choose goods and services with lower impacts on the environment; - Create a simple, electronic tool that will help customers use other criteria than the price; - Increase the quality and safety of procurement items and the efficiency of spending money; - Make an important contribution to sustainable consumption and production in Ukraine. Current results: - Experts designed, developed and placed online tool (constructor) on the ProZorro platform; - Mentors and trainers conducted a series of trainings and workshops for civil servants engaged in procurement process; - In April’2019 the project won in the nomination “The Gratest Impact” of the EU Association Lab in Ukraine; - Non-price criteria have been developed for 12 pilot priority categories of goods and services: 1) Road repair 2) Repair and construction work 3) Computer and office equipment 4) Catering service 5) Furniture (school, office) 6) Linen (bedding, lingerie) 7) Paints 8) Cable products 9) Office paper and paper products 10) Wood 11) Detergents and cleaning products 12) Cleaning services Non-price Criteria Constructor is currently available on the public e-procurement resource NK.PROZORRO.UA The project impact was the adoption of amendments to the law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement", which enter into force in April 2020. The amendments contain information on markings, test reports or certificates; specific weight of non-price criteria; introduce the term 'life cycle' and its calculation method.

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