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Next Generation TCO Certified

  • Published on January 1, 2018
Development of the next generation TCO Certified sustainability certification for IT products. Every three years a new generation of social and environmental responsibility criteria are developed in order to drive faster change and address the most pressing sustainability challenges related to IT products. The next generation will be launched in late 2018, and draft criteria will be open for public comment, beginning in late March. For updates and announcements, visit
The objective of TCO Certified is to drive progress toward a sustainable life cycle for IT products. TCO Certified is used by purchasers and industry worldwide to support more sustainable production, use and end of life handling of computers, tablets and other electronic devices. Purchasers use TCO Certified to identify products that are independently verified to meet the broad set of leadership environmental and social responsibility included in the certification. Publishing a new generation of criteria every three years offers purchasers a way to specify relevant criteria that are driving faster progress toward the most pressing sustainability challenges related to IT products and their manufacture, including environmental risk and impacts throughout the life cycle, as well as social responsibility in the supply chain. Complete information available at - Draft criteria development - Nov, 2017-Feb, 2018. - Draft criteria open for comment - end March - Launch of next generation - late 2018 - Purchasers will be able to set updated criteria for IT products based on the next generation TCO Certified and therefore drive the IT industry to implement sustainability improvements - Industry will further their sustainability work, based on requirements to conform with the criteria - Intended impact will be a higher level of social responsibility in IT manufacturing, though compliance with criteria in TCO Certified - Better knowledge about chemical content in IT products and product that include chemicals that are independently assessed as safer

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