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Monitoring of the Sustainable Development Strategy indicators

  • Published on November 4, 2019
In January 2017, the Federal Cabinet adopted a new version of the German Sustainable Development Strategy. This revised version which was created in the light of the United Nations 2030 Agenda represents the strategy's most comprehensive development since its conception in 2002. The Federal Statistical Office has been entrusted by the Federal Government with the analysis and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Strategy indicators. It is responsible for the compilation of indicators to measure goal achievement in the various thematic areas and publishing so-called Indicator Reports every two years to reflect indicator progress.
The target values to be achieved, the indicators, their data base, calculations and graphic representation have been determined by the Federal Government. As regards the structure of the German Sustainability Strategy and the selection of indicators, the Federal Government follows the content of the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the associated 17 goals for sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals, SGDs). At least one indicator has therefore been included in the strategy for each of the 17 goals under the relevant topic. It is described in detail what the indicator represents and what statements can be made on the basis of its values and their change. Moreover, the development of the indicator over time is described and put into a statistical context. All relevant information on the indicator and its development over time are thus presented in a well-structured and easily understandable manner on the respective double pages. As in the previous indicator reports, a weather symbol – from sunshine to thunderstorm – illustrates in a simple and easy-to-understand way how far the indicator has moved on the politically desired path towards its target. Weather symbols for the previous years also allow an assessment of how stable the "weather condition" has been so far. The present Indicator Report 2018 is already the seventh of these reports. Once again, it illustrates the distance already covered, the way still to go and how fast Germany is progressing on its way to achieving the politically agreed targets, the achievement of which should help to make Germany more sustainable and thus fit for the future.

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