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Monitoring the Shift to Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns in the context of the SDGs

  • Published on February 7, 2017
This report constitutes an initial proposal to support the monitoring of SCP-related targets of the SDGs, using the SEEA framework. The report also proposes the development of a strategy for capacity building in the context of responding to the need for harmonized and quality assured indicators.
In this report a set of statistics and accounts that present a link between the environment and the economy, are explored. These provide a deeper understanding of the relation between driving forces, environmental pressures, and policy responses critical in determining the attainment of the SDGs. These are all key data sources in the discussion on using an integrated statistical framework for monitoring the shift to SCP patterns. The current list of proposed SDG indicators was presented in March, 2016, to the United Nations Statistical Commission by the IEAG-SDGs. Presently the work of the IAEG has focused on identifying appropriate indicators for the SDG targets. As the process continues, and as data is published, it is likely that there will be new indicators proposed. Regardless of the specific indicators agreed upon, capacity building efforts will be required at country level to produce these indicators. It is important that these efforts are directed toward the necessary data production and not at creating new and separate indicators. Therefore, the starting point of this report is the current list of IAEG-SDGs indicators.

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